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Rompe VIP - $40.00 – 4 week package

Package includes:

  • Attend unlimited classes

  • 20% all Imperial Fitness Apparel and Equipment


Rompe Fan - $25 – 4 class package

Package includes:

  • Attend any 4 classes in a 4 week period


Combat Dance Fitness Classes


Rompe is a combat dance fitness class designed to help you feel happier, more confident, and stronger with every step, twist, and punch.


Expect to learn original Afro-Caribean or Hip-Hop choreography while having fun and making friends. Rompe blends elements of kick boxing techniques, Afro-Carribean & Hip-Hop dance styles, and advanced cardio conditioning delivered in multiple intensities from hype and high-powered, to mellow and melodic. Prepare to SHOCK your body with fast-paced cardio kick boxing, athletic drills and intensity intervals!


We'll see you in class.



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