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MINI - Extreme Booty Blaster 12 Week cov

Developed by Roberto DeWitt

Are you ready to shape, strengthen and grow your booty and legs? If so, then this program is for you. This program is full of scientifically tested and measured exercises that will strengthen your entire lower body. That's right guys, don't be misled by the title this workout plan is directly applicable to sports specific strength and speed as well.


We now know that majority of people have chronically underdeveloped gluteal muscles. This affects your speed, overall strength, and appearance. Underdeveloped gluteal muscles have also been linked to low back, posture, and knee issues. Do yourself the biggest favor and invest in your long-term health and appearance by completing this exercise program.


The plan is 12 weeks long and consists of 2 workouts per week with a printable exercise log to track your progress.

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