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Roberto DeWitt

Roberto DeWitt

Welcome to the Roberto DeWitt Fashion and Beauty Blog. This page is dedicated to the works and thoughts of Roberto DeWitt and does not reflect those of Imperial Fitness. Feel free to browse around, learn something new, and lose yourself in those eyes.


Street legendz

Sweater - 21 Men Pants - H&M l Watch - Guess WaterPro l Shoes - Jordan True Flight l Photo - David Glasgow

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This clean and comfortable ensemble is great for making impressions. The 21 Men's sweater caught my eye because of its cool silver and blue colour and the pants from Michael Kors are simply awesome. They're a great look and fit. The handmade jewelry is from Dread Man Gee. He makes some really creative pieces from even more creative material.

                  People always say do what you love, and that is true, however, they forget to mention to do it with the ones you love. This shoot, as well as this outfit, is my favorite thus far. A few of these photos actually just happened to be taken at the right time and captured the real emotion and atmosphere of the shoot. The raw photos are full of us laughing, checking our phones, taking pictures, and trying to get "for real this time". When you do what you love with who you love, you'll discover how quickly things become simple and everything is just business as usual.



I know it's getting nice out in most of the country, but up here in the North winter is still kickin'. So if you are still out there fighting the cold, stay warm and stylish with this late winter ensemble. This warm yet lightweight coat is from Armani Exchange. I really love the similarity of the browns in the coat and boots and how they blend with the bare trees outside at this time of year. The jeans are from H&M and provide a certain level of warmth and rigidity. Lastly the warm and breathable sweater is from 21 Men, Forever 21's menswear line.


While not all situations require us to don an expensive 3-piece from Sak's or Martin Patrick 3, sometimes we can still step it up a bit and be in good taste. Dressing nicely can sometimes lead to new opportunities so remember to be flexible and open to new things. So if you didn't already notice, I rather enjoy incorporating brown into my outfits and I love the two shades of brown in the sweater, which came from Callaway Clothing.  I really like the slacks from Hugo Boss because they are so versatile. They can be worn to an interview or out for drinks. The shoes from Sak's off 5th are probably my favorite because they combine the three most important principles in fashion: style, comfort, and durability.

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