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Are you ready to finally build that full and firm booty? Then you need the Extreme Booty Blaster Vol. 2 This is a 12 week program GARUANTEED to build and strengthen your booty.


This downloadable program is packed with scientifically tested and reviewed exercises, and will blast your glutes and entire lower posterior chain.


Designed for you to do at your own pace. This program is designed for men and women, beginners and advanced. 


In The program you recieve a week by week exercise log to track your progress.


The Booty Blaster Equipment Packaged is strongly recommended but not mandatory.

Extreme Booty Blaster Vol. 2 - eBook

  • You will receive a downloadable pdf of week by week exercise logs.

  • By purchasing this product you are agreeing to our non-disclosure and non-redistribution policies. You also agree to not share, redistribute, or disclose the content of this program

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