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Take control of your life and learn the secrets to the most important muscle group in your entire body; YOUR BUTT.

It’s used every time you physically move anywhere and up until now it’s been completely ignored. That stops today. With this book, Roberto DeWitt will empower you to hit the ground running on your journey to better your life. The Booty Book is the guide to learning how to use that junk in your trunk to lose weight, protect your lower back and knees, improve your posture, turn heads, and yes, finally fill out those jeans!

After reading this book you will become a True Glute Guru. Here’s what you’ll learn about the powerhouse you have on your backside:

  • How it functions and is involved in the mechanics of your mobility.

  • How to properly train it to accomplish the goals you set.

  • How to gain an unfair advantage over your competition by increasing your speed, power, and explosiveness.

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