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You've won the Booty Blaster Bundle which consists of:

  • The Booty Book + The Extreme Booty Blaster Vol 1 Exercise Program (eBook)

  • 1 Original yoga mat

  • 1 Resistance band 


The Booty Blaster Bundle will help you learn the secrets to the hardest-working, but most underdeveloped muscle group in the entire body: YOUR GLUTES. Learn how your glutes function and are involved in the mechanics of your mobility: and how working your glutes can help you lose weight, protect your lower back and knees, improve your posture, increase your speed, turn heads, and yes, finally fill out those jeans. Use this bundle, and that junk in your trunk to become a True Glute Guru!



Please enter your information below and you will be sent 1- Original Yoga Mat, 1- Resistance Band and a copy of The Booty Book and Extreme Booty Blaster Workout Plan Combo pack. 


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